BIM + Primavera


BIM is aprocess of integrating inputs from various disciplines such as Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting & HVAC into a single 3D model. This 3D model helps in detecting the clashes between the disciplines & also to identify errors within in individual disciplines. Using this model, we can generate accurate coordinated 2D drawings for site execution. This 3D model can also be used to extract accurate BOQ for tendering as well as for billing purpose. The same 3D model can be used for time managementiePlanning &Scheduling called 4D and for time & cost management called 5D.

Architectural Model

As per Architectural design inputs our BIM Architectural model includes:

• Floor finishes

• Walls

• wind

• Doors

• Bathroom

• Shafts

• Bathroom Fixture. Etc.

Structural Model

As per Structural Consultant inputs our BIM Structural model includes:

• Foundation

• Columns

• Beams

• Slabs

• Shear walls

• Shafts

• Trusses. Etc

MEP Model

Insteel is an Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP), Infrastructure planning and design consultancy (MEP). Insteel is a dynamic team with entrepreneurs having vast years of experience on MEP design services for Hi-rise building , Residential complexes, Commercial office spaces, Malls, Retails, Hotels, Pharmaceutical, Hospitals , Industrial works. The team with endeavor to protect the environment offer innovative design solutions following the green building concepts. The team having years of experience is built on strong foundation of vision, team work and innovation with emphasis on total customer satisfaction

Sub Sectors

1. Residential Townships

2. SEZ’s

3. Leisure & Entertainment Complexes

4. Industrial Development

5. Commercial Development

Services Offered:

1. Surveys & Investigations

2. Site Planning

3. Cost Management

4. Design Proof checking

5. Road Design– Concept and Detailing

6. Earthwork, Site Grading Plans

7. Storm water Management

8. Rain Water Harvesting

9. Design of Water Supply System

10. Design of Sewerage System

11. Public Health Engineering (PHE)–Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant

12. Fire Fighting System

13. Power supply & External Electrification

14. Information, Communications, Entertainment &Automation system

15. Detailed cost estimation

MEP (Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing)
Sub Sectors

1. Residential

2. Office Spaces & Multiplexes

3. Commercial

4. Leisure & Entertainment Complexes

5. Hotels & Resorts

6. Hospitals

7. Institutional Buildings

8. Retail Outlets

9. Industrial

Services Offered

1. Plumbing Design

2. Storm Water Management

3. Fire Fighting Design

4. Hot and cold water systems

5. HVAC Design

6. Electrical Design

7. Detailed Cost estimation

8. Rate Analysis

9. Tender Documentation - Tender Drawings, BOQ, Special Conditions of Contract etc

10. Good-for-Construction Drawings

11. Detailed Project Report (DPR)

12. Bid Process Management

13. Design Supervision

14. Preparation of As-Built Drawing

Sub Sectors

1. Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

2. Infrastructure works at City, Township level

3. Architectural finishes and Civil works for buildings

Services Offered

1. Estimation of Quantities for above defined sectors.

2. Validation of Quantities specified in BOQ’s.

3. Earthwork estimates of Roadwork's for large scale developments like townships etc.

4. Rate Analysis With Quotations

5. Design Proofchecking

Data Rich Integrated3D Model (Virtual Construction in system)

The 3D model generated in BIM is a data rich model covering all disciplines &services of construction viz. architectural, structural, MEPF & HVAC. It is a very useful tool for visualization & understanding of
the project & its construction difficulties. The model encompasses all full information of each & every element of the project.




Fire Fighting



Bill of Quantities for tendering & Billing. (As per Clients Format)

Accurate estimates is the most important aspects in any construction management and requires close focus to achieve profitability. BIM Model gives accurate quantities for each of the element in every discipline in much shorter time& in much more details. It is an accepted fact that the quantities extracted from BIM model are very accurate for working out project cost.




Clash Detection & Resolution (Before things built at site)

Once BIM model is created, we can generate 'Clash Detection' reports between the disciplines &also find errors in individual disciplines/Services. It is very important to identify all discrepancies & clashes at modeling stage itself so as to avoid any re-work & subsequent delays at actual site BIM modeling helps in avoidingrework, saves man-hours & precious time overrunand most importantly, the cost overrun.




2D Co-ordinated Drawings for Site Execution (Error free Construction)

Once the clash detections are successfully resolved, accurate 2D 'Good for Construction' (GFC) drawings can be generated from the 3D model in a very short time. In the interest of the project schedule, this helps to save time, avoids rework and minimizes drawing revisions.




Project Scheduling & Cost Monitoring - 4D & 5D Model (Better Control on Time and Cost)

BIM model helps in developing project schedule & controlling cost. In any large & long cycle projects, preparation of schedule & monitoring it are very crucial. Along with that controlling the project cost is also very important for profitability. Using BIM model, we can prepare project schedule, monitor progress & monitor cost. 4D model is a time management tool which is used for preparing schedule & monitoring the progress. One can use it to reviewthe project as Planned Vs Actual. Whereas 5D model is a time & cost management tool and is used to monitor project cost on real time basis.



Benefits of BIM

Project Cost: 5 to 8% reduction – Gives best build options & eliminates unnecessary costs

Cycle Time Reduction: 5 to 20% reduction – Optimizes activities and reduces project construction time

Design Co-ordination: 75 to 80% time saving in coordination activities between various disciplines

Project Information: 60 to 70% time saving in locating documents

Drawing Preparations: 18-20% cost saving

Construction Material: Drastic waste reduction

Constructability: Finds and fixes errors at modeling stage. Saves time & cost

Project Control: Project head, project team, site team, management team referto only oneschedule and hence better control

As-Built Drawings/Commissioning/Handover: Final ‘As-Built Digital Model’ along with final drawings can be made available for records and future maintenance purpose.

BIM Softwares

• Revit (Autodesk)

• NavisWorks (Autodesk)

• Solibri (Solibri)

• Tekla Precast

• Tekla Steel Structures

• Tekla CIP



We are highly focused on providing an integrated approach with digitalization in the construction industry. With the planning experts and a tech-savvy team, we emerged as an “On-time” project completion specialist. Digitalization through Mobile Application – INTENTO PROJECTS enables a better control and live monitoring of projects anywhere & anytime.

Digital Integrated Solutions

Project Planning & Monitoring using Primavera P6

Planning services aims at providing maximum profits to client and completing the projects “on-time”

1. Strategy Formulation

Designing Strategy blueprint for Practical and Executable plan

Strategy is conceived based on the tender assumptions, site conditions, existing organizational     resource pool and backed by various resource productivity matrix

2. Preparation of L0 to L5 schedule

Preparation of Milestones to Risk Loaded schedule with L10 WBS detailing

Detailed schedule is prepared including Milestones, Macro, Micro detailing, Resource loading, cost     loading and risk identification

3. Detail logistics planning

Identification of project-based resources and their timeline movement

Detailed logistic plan is prepared based on tender stage assumptions during the preparation of resource   loaded schedule. The plan includes all the aspect of logistics to execute the work as per schedule    timelines

4. Project Forecasting using planning tools

Preparation of lookaheads using Primavera P6, ASTA Power Project, MS Project, TILOS

Future planning is done for progress and resources using various windows of six, three, one month and   fortnight

5. Detailed Productivity mapping

Performance league table for stakeholders including labour contractors

Daily mapping of the resource’s output on site and analysis by our experts to increase their productivity

6. Project Monitoring using “Intento-Projects” mobile app

Realtime Project Health Monitor

Intento Projects mobile app is a unique addition to the construction industry to get the analyzed site  information in a simplest form. Includes health chart with progress, billing, resources details,    requirements and performance across various window sections

7. Effective resource management

Resource optimization with minimum idleness / inventory

Available resource performance mapping against timelines and required output on daily basis. Resource   performance matrix is mapped, and resources are allocated based on the requirement and expectations

8. Earn Value management

Profitability of the project at any given point of time

The resource and cost loaded schedules are monitored and studied by our planning experts to show    financial health of the project

9. Delay Analysis

Root cause analysis of the project events - Window analysis

Delay analysis is done with the help of issue tracker in Intento Project app. Impact of all the issues on the   project timelines are mapped and analyzed using Primavera, BIM; keeping in mind validation of EOT
  with / without cost implication

Schedule tracking with model

Preparation of Look-Ahead Schedules Using Primavera P6

Development of Dynamic Monitoring System & Dashboard

Resource Histograms

Detail Logistic Planning

Formulation of Execution and planning Strategy

Progress S-Curve